SAS lineage demystified
June 29, 2018

SAS Institute’s is a well-known for its powerful analytics suite of products. They have been the pioneers of self-service data. Their technologies have been wildly popular with business users in helping wrangle data and derive meaning out of the information. The ease of use also meant that users created large number of SAS base scripts and SAS DI jobs without going through the rigors of the software development life cycle. The vast majority of the cases involve copy-pasting scripts to facilitate quick analysis and less time spent on making sure that proper libraries were created to share common scripts and macros or that coding standards are adhered to.

Having proper insight into what data from the enterprise is being used, is critical from a regulatory compliance, operational risk mitigation and Data governance strategy.

This whitepaper will provide you insight on how Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) can help you trace the flow of critical data elements in SAS DI jobs and SAS Base scripts.

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