Java lineage demystified
July 2, 2018

Java is a widely popular programming language. Over the years it has evolved to play a significant role in the ability for enterprises to build solutions rapidly, thanks to a very large community of programmers who have promoted code reuse by capturing common needs in re-usable libraries. The most powerful aspect of building applications in Java is the platform independence. You can write code in any platform, Windows, Linux etc.. and run it in any platform.


A large number of financial institutions rely on Java to perform data transformations of data by leveraging the power of RESTful services and persistence mechanisms such as Spring or Hibernate. This obviates the need to tightly couple applications or embed SQL code in the Java applications.


Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) can ingest Java applications and provide visibility into what is going on within the application to the business user. We have been able to ingest millions of lines of Java code and make it readable by visualizing at a level that the business user cares about. You can now tell your hard-core Java programmers that you have insight into what is going on within the code, without having to read through millions of lines of code or being proficient in Java.

Seeing is Believing

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