GDPR Compliance in < 60 days
June 6, 2018

A Global retailer realized that the GDPR compliance date was fast approaching. Their IT Systems were very complex, tools from multiple vendors were involved in processing the customer loyalty information. How could they comply with Article 30?

Orion was given the opportunity to prove the value of our technology. We were able to demonstrate horizontal-lineage across 4 heterogeneous systems, along with traceability of critical data elements in less than 2 weeks. Being in a competitive situation, we won the customer over. Being naturally curious, I asked the customer, “Why us?”. We were told that for the proof-of-value that we had demonstrated in two weeks, the competition had asked for 2 person-months to prove value. We subsequently promised to get the customer compliant in < 60 days and delivered on our promise.

The customer now has access to “near real time” lineage, i.e, as soon as their code changes, they can get a visual on how critical data elements move within their IT Systems. No need to fear the regulators. That is our promise to our customers. If you want to take control of your IT Systems and govern them the right way talk to us. If you get audited, solutions by vendors who promise you “conceptual lineage” won’t come to your rescue.

Future proof your governance with Orion. We are vendor agnostic and customer success focused.