GDPR – are you late to the party?
March 1, 2019

The formal introduction of GDPR is just weeks away, but by now it no longer comes as any major surprise. So much discussion has revolved around it throughout your business. Every area, technical, legal, or otherwise has been considering what it means for them, what work it requires, its effect on business processes, and how business will be done when personal information is stored, processed and controlled.

Various solutions are offered to help you achieve GDPR compliance, most of them based on consultancy and process. Such offerings provide basic tools to cover different aspects of the regulation. Teams of consultants work onsite to manually collect data or use a mishmash of tools to create bespoke processes for GDPR use cases.

Article 30 - you really need to know your data

Whatever your starting point on your GDPR journey, there is one component that cannot be ignored, or even taken lightly, and that is Article 30. Article 30 specifically relates to knowing your data. You must know why you have it, where it is, how it’s manipulated, who uses it, and where it comes from or goes to. This knowledge component gets called various things, including Data Mapping, Data Lineage or Data Provenance. At Orion we refer to this as the End-2-End Map of Information Assets.

At its core, the Map of Information Assets is a visualization of all the data in your enterprise, be it structured or unstructured, on-premise, or in the cloud. It includes all endpoints for your data, where it comes from or goes to. It includes all the transformations data undergoes between the endpoints, whether that be internal operations in structured databases, part of an inhouse Java application, or even data

How to fast-track your way to compliance

Collecting, collating, processing and making sense of a myriad of data sources is no easy task. That’s why at Orion we have spent years developing a solution to do just that, Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) .

With over 45 data sources and targets, Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) can ingest, make sense of, and cross reference data from disparate systems to create an accurate, near real-time End-2-End Map of Information Assets.

Aside from making sense of your data, EIIG also manages and incorporates business terms relevant to your GDPR use cases. It does this via a combination of Dynamic Glossaries, out-of-the-box Business Glossaries, and Orion’s revolutionary Term-to-Asset Mapper.

The time to act is now

The bottomline is that you are not late to the party, but it’s crucial to act smart and move fast. You need a system to enable, accelerate, and automate your efforts toward compliance, while complementing your other GDPR workstreams. Orion Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) offers all the necessary enablement, acceleration and automation capabilities. It has also been designed to complement incumbent GDPR programs.
Orion EIIG removes the need to burn company resources on tracking data and processes. In addition, as it maps all information assets, it unearths valuable intelligence along the way – boosting decision-making and strategy.

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