Are you ready for CCPA?
March 1, 2019

Just as some of our client organizations are knee deep with GDPR compliance, another privacy based regulation was quietly signed in the United States! We summarize below CCPA implications and what steps should be taken to comply.

Automate your GDPR response
March 1, 2019

The GDPR regulation is finally live as of May 2018! What is expected of organizations in this current state and what can be put in place to improve the posture of compliance?

Why is Salesforce data lineage important?
March 1, 2019

Running and administering your Salesforce instance could be very challenging. Can you afford to not know how the information is flowing from your Salesforce to your reporting and other IT systems?

PL/I lineage demystified
July 6, 2018

PL/I is a very powerful procedural language. The power that it carries  also represents a liability for most of the enterprises, as the number of resources who are knowledgeable in PL/I is shrinking. Orion can help you take charge of your PL/I assets and govern them better.

Java lineage demystified
July 2, 2018

Java is a widely popular programming language. Over the years it has evolved to play a significant role in the ability for enterprises to build solutions rapidly, thanks to a very large community of programmers who have promoted code reuse by capturing common needs in re-usable libraries.

Big Data Lineage – from legacy to the latest
July 1, 2018

Companies are moving data that they have collected over many years into data lakes and run analytics to leverage that data. Without understanding where the information into the data lakes is being pulled from, the outcome of such analytics is questionable at best.

Semantic Lineage – how it’s done
July 1, 2018

Kalle Tomingas, our Chief Scientist, explains the essence of semantic lineage.

SAS lineage demystified
June 29, 2018

This whitepaper will provide you insight on how Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph can help you trace the flow of critical data elements in SAS DI jobs and SAS Base scripts.

COBOL lineage demystified
June 29, 2018

This whitepaper will provide you insight on how Orion Enterprise Information Intelligence can help you to demystify the data processing logic embedded in COBOL and other Mainframe languages.

GDPR Compliance in < 60 days
June 6, 2018

A Global retailer realized that the GDPR compliance date was fast approaching. How did they manage to comply with Article 30?

GDPR – are you late to the party?
April 26, 2018

Whatever your starting point on your GDPR journey, there is one component that cannot be ignored, or even taken lightly, and that is Article 30. Article 30 specifically relates to knowing your data. Find out how Orion can help you to get to really know your data and fast-track your GDPR compliance.

Orion's Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) for GDPR
April 26, 2018