Unlock Value From Your Data Assets

Date & Time: Thursday, June 11, 2020 2:00-3:00pm EST

Data silos are technical bottlenecks that cost money and derail business. To produce corporate value from their data, organizations must replace their technical architectures to migrate data to new and more efficient systems. Migrating data is not a trivial matter, however. Migrations require a plan based on a solid understanding of the legacy systems. But some systems are very old and not well documented, especially the system dependencies. Consequently, developing a migration plan is slow and hard work. Frustrated and pressured by corporate demands, people often take shortcuts in the migration plans. Those detours create inaccurate, non-auditable, non-repeatable, and outdated outcomes when they are finished.

This webinar will answer these important questions:

  • How do you create, document, maintain an accurate and auditable
    data architecture that’s ready to migrate data?
  • How do you plan and manage data migration risk, cost, and time?
  • How do you manage changes across several data migrations?

Peter Aiken, PhD, Founding Director and
Owner at Data Blueprint and Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University

Teemu Mattelmäki, Senior Customer Success Advisor, Orion Governance

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