John Lunn

John Lunn is a senior executive with over 15 years of experience building patented inventions, disruptive teams and companies. Mr. Lunn has led investments, founded companies, grown startups to enterprises and represented public traded companies on the global stage. He leads through enablement and kindness, empathizing with the mindset of others but driving for efficient and elegant solutions. As a lateral thinker, John discovers the potential of people and products in places where no one is looking and architected products for many of the world’s most successful ecommerce enterprises.

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson is a software executive and sales leader with over 35 years of experience. Mr. Wilson has led entrepreneurial companies that find ways to enter new markets and create value to customer environments. The automation of business processes has been a common theme in his career. Charles believes that assisting customers to become more efficient will lead to higher sales and outstanding relationships with your customers. Customer success is the most efficient method to grow a software company. Charles has been involved with three successful liquidation events for the shareholders of the company.